life evolves

you took my heart and soul
made me soar
and then brought me down like a ton of bricks
broke my heart into a million pieces that are so scattered will never be whole again
but i must go on for the life i created


6 thoughts on “life evolves

  1. honey I have been through an abusinve relationship too and then a divorce.Though i do admire your guts for wanting to get out of it with a young child…I advice you also start living for yourself…dont focus on the child so much that you lose self focus. this may not sound like what u want to hear but have seen a few people who become completely disoriented when the children grow up and as per their natural tendency start to look elsewhere for support and friendship.

  2. IHM and nm: its straight from the heart…Pinku: thnx for the advice..i realize it and am slowly starting to do my own stuff, but she is too young rite now..and I cant wait for her to get into school..:)

  3. “you will go on,
    With the life you created,
    You will see your bud blossom,
    Into a flower,
    Spreading fragrance of love,
    Wherever she goes”

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