Looking Back!

My angel is a year old now. I cant help but look back at the past year. SO much has changed. I’m no longer the same person. From a married woman I’m now a single mum. I’m more tolerant, patient, caring & understanding. From a financially independent woman I now am living off my parents, who are looking after me and my kid. I’m much more at peace with myself, am happier and relaxed. My relationship with my parents and siblings has improved and we understand each other much better.

I’ve always believed that change is a good thing, that whatever happens happens for a reason & its usually for the better. God has a plan for all of us & he keeps showing us ways & doors to it. Its up to us to recognize and find our path & be on the way. When you drift, another door opens up & you’ll reach there albeit slowly but you will get there. And that is why it is said, when a door closes another one opens in its place. And when opportunity knocks learn to identify it and make the best of it.


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