Link Diary

I love to read. I can read just about anything that I can lay my hands on. My passion for reading has naturally progressed from books to blogs. In this congested blog world there are a lot of good quality blogs. Below are a few sites and posts that I have stumbled on. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Freelancing 101 – The Basics : I just recently found this freelancers blog and am very impressed by it. A good design with good writers. The content is very relevant and they have some great articles. For some one who is looking to start part time/ freelance/ work from home, this is a great resource. This post talks about the basics of freelancing and the lifestyle to go with it.

55 Essential Articles Every Serious Blogger Should Read : Matt has created a great list of articles that every serious blogger should read. He has compiled and categorized them perfectly. A definite must read for the budding blogger. – Blogging Network & Technology Tips : Vikram has some mean blogging and technology tips. Great design and a great writer. Rich resource for some honest updates, reviews and tips. Oh and he has some great cartoons too.

Crystal bur – Mahabharata Series : A spoof on the Mahabharata. Here’s creative writing at is best. A funny bone with great comic timing. Terrific sense of humor.

Thanks to all of these for wonderful articles and some great writing.


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