Another First

I love freedom. I love the rush of wind in my hair when I ride my bike. Needless to say I fall in the category of fast riders not rash. Your daughter rides real fast” is something my father has grown accustomed to. Belonging to a family of rally drivers this really should’nt surprise him. But as a parent he naturally wants me to be careful. My teenage years have been full of admonishments from relatives and the like. I was even told that my license would get revoked and I would have to appear in court. Ever since then I have wondered what it would be like to appear in court.

Well, I found out yesterday!

I filed a petition for divorce in the family court yesterday.

Judge: Why are you here?
Me: To file for a divorce
Judge: What does your husband do?
Me: Business
Judge: And what do you do?
Me: Staying with my parents, looking after my daughter.
Judge: (nodding her head, looking at the calender) Next hearing on 12/02

and my first day of court was done. My lawyer says I did good.

And I say, this is not going to get me any of my money back, all it will get me is my divorce on ex-party decree. No maintenance no alimony. Lord please prove me wrong. Please.


2 thoughts on “Another First

  1. This is written beautifully, I made changes in my half written post, after reading this…The second part about the court …gave me goose bumps, from the thrill of fast driving to the trauma of divorce.Since you do have your parents’ support, will it not be better to make sure you get your daughter and yourself some support from him. And all your money, jewelery,streedhan etc?

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