Memory Lane Beckons!

Santosh TAGGED me to go down memory lane. Before we go there, a little background. I’m a fourth generation North Indian settled in the south. So most of the post below will be about traveling during summer holidays to grandparents place in UP. So without much further ado here goes.

What is the oldest / first memory you carry of:

Of your Mother: Huddled in a train surrounded by scary looking people. I’m 4 years old. My bro is few months and we are in a connecting train with mum at Lucknow on the way to Lakhimpur. We are surrounded by milkmen with their milk cans hanging outside the train. And they did not believe in ticket travel either for themselves or for the others. I have never been so glad to see my grandpa ever. Man my mum was and is so gutsy.

Of Crying:Have two memories here, both when I was around 5 years. 1.Being chased by my cousin. She just loved to pinch and wouldn’t stop till blood or tears started flowing. 2. Its my ear piercing ceremony, I’m howling away and I spy my uncle telling me that he will give me a bar of chocolate if I stop crying.

Of your Father: I was a very short tempered child. This is one and only time I got beaten by my dad for really hurting my bro and mebe thats why I distinctly remember it. Must have been 8 or 9 years old.

Of School: Walking into school discussing fashion with my cuz. What were we talking? We both needed glasses and she is trying to explain to me how glasses will affect her look. 6 years old, First standard.

Of a Fight: 8 or 9 years old, fighting with my bro. And I hit him really hard on his back, so hard that he had my hand print on his back. We really fought a lot.

Of a Lie you told: Topped in Sanskrit (7th Std) and decided to psyche my mum. Told her I flunked. Man she freaked and started to search my school bag for my answer book. Cat was out of the bag soon enough. Hey, I’ve been a good kid, never lied till I became a teenager:P

Of a Vacation: Have plenty of these. Really have to exercise my brains to get the earliest. Vacation time = Summer hols = Masti n Fun esp during traveling and Joint family = 15-20 kids of different age group. Since all of us would be going the say way at least half the journey, we usually traveled together. Yes the whole jing bang children and mothers. But my earliest would have to be when I’m 4 years, spending Holi at my granny’s place.

Of Laughing: All of us cousins sitting in the lawn during one of the functions at home, playing and laughing for no rhyme or reason. Must be about 7 – 8 years old.

Of a Class Mate: Priya. Studious to boot and very particular about scoring 100. Cried like crazy at getting 99/100! Left us all speechless. Wonder where she is now.

Of a Relative: My much older cousin babysitting me and my cuz, playing Badminton at my granny’s place. Must be 5-6 years old.

Of a Teacher: My KG teacher. Try as I might can’t recollect her name, but the trademark sari of the nun’s stand out.

Of your brother/sister: My cuz and I pulling each others hair. Must be about 4-5 years old.

Phew! I’m done. This has been at the back of my head, a relief that it is over.

But honestly, what a wonderful exercise. Had a great time racking my brain and brought back a lot of laughs and memories.

I now TAG all the people reading my blog to the same. Happy exercising!


4 thoughts on “Memory Lane Beckons!

  1. WOW 🙂 My name is on somebody elses blog . Am i famous or what 🙂 Simply made my day !!!

    See its so fuuny, Your lie, is u pass and say u flunked ! and mine… I flunk and say i passed 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Wasnt is nice ? I enjoyed writing this one too, and of course reading yours too !!!

    Cheers !

  2. Of School: Walking into school discussing fashion with my cuz. What were we talking? We both needed glasses and she is trying to explain to me how glasses will affect her look. 6 years old, First standard.

    Really.. loved these lines.. too good to read twice..thrice..
    Itz fun!!
    Good post.

    PS: stumbled here from ragasofgitam

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