Road Trip with Baby

A road trip where the maximum time is spent sitting in the car with no space to walk,move and explore is sure shot way to get anybody restless, so imagine an active year old enduring the journey!

We started early morning, wanting to reach Tirupathi early going via Vellore. We wanted to visit the Golden Temple. Beautiful place. She enjoyed the ride, loved the cool breeze of the car window rolled down, enjoyed looking at the cows, dogs and the monkeys apart form the vehicles on the road. Fell asleep. Walked around the restaurants when we stopped. Of course carried lunch for her which she choose not to eat fully; preferred breast milk. She enjoyed the Golden Temple. And them promptly fell asleep on the way to Tirupathi from there.

There is something about traveling in cars that lulls babies to sleep. Except mine. Well to give her due credit, the first few times she traveled in a car she did, but lately NO. Not until she gets her milk, irrespective of being on a full stomach! And when the car stops she promptly sits up and gives you a look as if to say ” cant you even let me sleep? It’s bad enough I do not have my bed to sleep on!”

And when we reached close to midnight, all she wanted to do was run around the whole place. All of us, esp me was so tired due to lack of sleep and we had to be at the temple at 5 AM. Finally after a hot bath an hour later, she is asleep. Only to be wide awake at the Temple again. My angel was the only baby awake so early in the morning. Every other child was sleeping. So quite naturally she was the center of attention and a great pass time for everybody else.

Now my angel is potty trained, but for some reason she refused to go potty. I even had baby wipes just in case, but no. She stuck to her guns and only went when we reached back home.

Angel did fine, just fine. It was the rest of us who had a hard time handling the heat and this when we are the ones with more experience in traveling by car.


8 thoughts on “Road Trip with Baby

  1. I am glad to have met such a strong woman over internet. Hugs & Kisses to you and to angel.May God send some love and peace your way.PS: I am gonna link you up at my space.

  2. Hi J..thanks for dropping by my space…read through your archives and I have to say that what you have done takes a lot of courage and I really admire you for that..and that header pic of your baby is simply wonderful…were you the photographer?I had actually left a comment earlier but it seems to have been swallowed..also want to say that I’ve tagged you!

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