This is one riot that I absolutely love. The riot of colors! I have begged, pleaded, and fought with all my bosses for 2 days of leave, to come back home to play Holi. And returned the next day back to work all pink and green. My friends who have played with us like forever, have also gone back to work all pink, blue and green.

We have played with colors, crystals, and yes with food stuff too – doused pepsi, splashed kanjii vada’s and dahi vada’s; a classic food fight. Its the one day of the year that is awaited with excitement. Its also the first thing that is checked when the new Hindi calender arrives, the date is different every year.

Have a Happy, Colorful and a safe Holi!


7 thoughts on “Riot!

  1. See thats what I don’t like about Holi, why can it not come at a better time! I’ve missed holi’s too cause of exams..

    btw how did ur exams go?

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