SOS to all book lovers and readers…

A friend is in dire need. His father’s birthday is coming up and would like to gift him a few of the below books. And he would like to gift the most recommended book. The list has been compiled by his father ๐Ÿ™‚

So please help with your recommendations …

  1. Fermat’s Last Theorem – Simon Singh
  2. The Code Book – Simon Singh
  3. A beautiful mind – Sylvia Nasar
  4. The Man who loved only numbers – Paul Hoffman
  5. The Victorian Internet – Tom Standage
  6. Fingerprints – Colin Beaven
  7. Can Reindeer fly? – Roger Highfield
  8. Mendeleyev’s Dream – Paul Strathern
  9. Snowball earth – Gabrielle Walker
  10. The fifth miracle – Paul Davies
  11. Strange beauty – George Jonson
  12. The Cogwheel Brain – Doron Swade
  13. The making of the atomic bomb – Richard Rhodes
  14. Chaos – James Gleick
  15. Flatland – Edwin. A. Abbott
  16. A Mathematician’s apology – G. H. Hardy
  17. Our final century – Martin Rees
  18. The surgeon of Crowthrone – Simon Winchester
  19. The Pahntom Tollboth – Norton Juster
  20. Roses In December – M. C. Chagla
  21. Artificial Intellegence and Natural man – Margaret. A. Boden
  22. Dimensions of creativity – Margaret. A. Boden
  23. The Philosophy of Artificial Life – Margaret. A. Boden
  24. Swami Rama – Swami Ajaya
  25. The Traditions of The Himalyan Masters – Pandit Rajamani Tigumant
  26. The Emperor’s New Mind – Roger Penrose
  27. Theories of Everything – Joh. D. Barrow
  28. Don’t You Have time to Think – Richard Feynman
  29. Narrative – Fredrick Douglars
  30. Autobiography of a Fugitive Negro – Samuel Ringold Ward
  31. The Fugitive Blacksmith – J. W. C. Pennigton

Muchas Gracias!


12 thoughts on “SOS to all book lovers and readers…

  1. Oh my god… I’m lost. The only one I’ve heard of(and read) is “A beautiful mind”, and I highly recommend it – although it’s NOT easy, either mathematically or emotionally.

  2. Yeah!!! My dadddy strongest ๐Ÿ™‚I am just gonna go ahead and buy any 5 at random ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for help.Aakhir kahin toh kuch kaam aayi tu ๐Ÿ™‚ >hint hint<

  3. Only one I have heard of (and seen the movie with the same name)is A Beautiful Mind. But I think ‘Autobiography of a Fugitive Negro’ (if it is about slavery) might be worth reading too.

  4. @Santoz : I guess u r the one in need of help…Thanks to you, I got a wonderful list of BooksHow about you just take ur dad out for shopping (Window shopping for the record) …First make a note of the TOP book(S) he notices/LIKES…SURPRISE him… that u actually got him there to buy booksOr even tell him and take him(even if there is no element of surprise, I am sure he will be DOUBLY glad for the time together and the BOOKS)

  5. meghna mohan says:

    Guess what ๐Ÿ™‚ A Beautiful Mind is the downright winner, given it is the only book everyone I know, including me, has read!

  6. The only book I have read the Fifth Miracle – it is a good read and I liked it. The only other one I heard of is, of course, A Beautiful Mind – haven’t read the book, though. Just seen the movie.

  7. Well, now that fathers day is gone and you dont need the suggestion anymore, I take the advantage to paste them in my “yet to read” list with one or two exceptions.Thanks.

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