Over and Out!

So here I am doing my work as usual, have tons to finish. my kiddo is sleeping and my system crashes, without warning..kaput..just like that.

And here I am typing this from an internet parlor as I’m simply addicted to the net and missing blogging like hell..I just cant stay away. In-spite of the crazy keyboard

I miss reading other blogs, commenting on them and chatting with my friends. I do not miss my work.. but that is natural ain’t it?

Hopefully will be back soon..


15 thoughts on “Over and Out!

  1. Lol ! serves your right ! :pYaar, was wondering where you disappeared actually ! Get back soon yaar, I am having to attend all meetings :o)Cheers!Santosh

  2. My condolences to ur System .. (& lost data if any, ouch!! thats where it hurts more right)Wishing it a new lease of life, with its soul (I mean data) intact

  3. Hiya everybody…still at the net palour with the crazy keyboard… my sys os still nopt ready, trying to retireve data with boss hovering my head ๐Ÿ˜› Its nice to be missed ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. hi!so this is the reason for no new updates…hope u get back on blog soon.and hope u are using this time to collect material for atleast a dozen posts…Have fun..hugs to babbai.

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