Finally! yes I have my laptop back but minus the data. According to the HP center guys the OS crashed thanks to the automatic download of HP Live Update. And those service center guys are there just to fleece the public. The Bangalore guys said that we can fix it but will not take the back up, you need to go to a third party guy..who charges Rs 3000/- just for the back up. And the HP service center will take 1000/- to re-format and to de-fragment the disk you have to buy the software which costs about 4000/-. The Mysore HP service center says we need to buy the external hard drive available just for 3,600/- to copy the data. What kind of service centers are these? they do no have external hard drives to take back ups! Only after this did we start contacting friends who could help out. Turns out, you do not need to defragment the drive anymore. All the sys files are saved in the D drive and the C drive is the place to store all the files. And the HP laptops are configured in such a way that even with the software you cannot defragment the drives! Don’t the service center guys know this? Why cant they just be helpful in the real sense.

Lesson Learnt: NEVER ever go to the service centre. Instead turn to your firends, it helps to know some who can work the hardware of a sys. And do not store files on the desktop ever, instead save them on the C drive.

The Flip Side, I had an awsome break. No work, No play time on the comp and all my time with my daughter and me. Fell sick, travelled to B’lore, read a ton of books, watched the pirated version of Janne tu and fell in love it it. Am so watching it again..wait I am going to buy the DVD when it releases.

Also picked out the school for my Angel. This was the first school I saw and fell in love with it. Its a Montesori Play School, in a quaint neighbourhood, great play area and clean classes. The biggest plus point, they are careful of the kids diets and their restrictions. Since my kiddo is Lactose and Wheat Intolerant, I needed a school which would keep a check on it and be careful during snack times, since children are always more curios and want what the other kid has. And this school has experience in dealing with such kids. Now just have to wait for her to turn 2.5 years. They do not take them earlier. Oh and they also have this really cute and well behaved dog who Angel just fell in love with instantly. yes I visited the school with her and she remembers the dog very well. On our second visit, she kept looking all over for him.

Another thing I noticed here, was that the children are very well behaved. They do not push, fight or yell. It was a really calm and quiet play time. there is slight bullying,which is natural but nothing to the extremes where one kid is pushing the other or fighting or hitting the other kid. they also have a really cute tree house. Looking at all this left my bro and me wishing us to be kids again. So now we go to this school once or twice a week, during play time to familiarise her with the school and the children.


17 thoughts on “Resurrection..

  1. Great to have you back here – richer and refreshed. Selection of school for kids is such a big task. Glad you have done it in the interregnum. About the computer stuff-you are 200 percent right about depending on friends. It has happened with me and I have also found support – emotional [:)] and computerial* , he he he. See how innovative I can get?Looking forward to more from you.

  2. Dear Madam, Its a small world and a good one too!! Let me introduce myself and also apologize for the experience you had on your HP product. I work for HP as an Customer Support Manager and am responsible for karnataka region and thus fully responsible for your agony. I was forwarded your experience by our worldwide PSG team and our India directors and was told to investigate. Since i dont have further details of you or your experience thought of leaving my footprints here and request you to contact back if possible. My email ID is and my contact no is 9980523770. I promise to be of help if required. Assuring you of better experience and will make full efforts to reverse this one, with regardsRajesh R ShahHP India – Customer Support GroupDistrict Manager – Karnataka.

  3. hey that sounds like a cool school…hope the dear angel will have a wonderful time there and in the meantime do put up a pic of the school and doggie for us to ogle at. πŸ™‚

  4. Rajesh: will call you later todayIHM and Pinky: good for u IHM, my laptop is gone to the dogs..apparently the motherboard need to be changed and this is a common thing with hp laptops after the warranty period is over…yea the school is great..made me wising i was back her age:)Will put up the pics if the school allows me to take them:)

  5. I know…HP service sucks big time. I have a desktop. Filed a complaint with them about something on their website and there was no response at all!!Good that you found a school your kid is comfortable with. And montessori is a good system πŸ™‚ I wanted A in one of the schools here, they did not have a vacancy 😦

  6. myheadtrip: gone back to HP after rajesh from HP contacted me, so lets see how it goes.. and finding the school was a real blessing πŸ™‚Swati: was in B’lore for few days and busy with a function, will def catch up next time:)

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