And here we go again!

I’m back with the lousy keyboard..For 2 days it works fine and then just like that the display vanishes..and we’re back to square one. Only this time, contacted another friend, who is a hardware guy. Turns out there is some motherboard problem and will take 6 frigging days to fix…sigh… so till then my sojourn with the lousy keyboard continues..


11 thoughts on “Bah!!

  1. Me thinks you should do a maha-yagna and purify your keyboard ! try a cermonial abhishek with some Milk or holy water ! Seriously some evil spirits have taken over ! alternatively you can try Baba Ismail Bengali as welll, he has gauratneed solutions for ALL problems else money back !!Let me know how it goes ! :o)

  2. M says:

    Hahaha, Loved Santosh’s idea of the maha yagna.though Sorry to learn that you are facing problem after problem in your computer.Hope it solves soon.

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