Resurrection …. Again..

Hopefully this time it is for keeps…touch wood and fingers crossed.

Like mentioned our hardware guy said that our laptop had a motherboard problem which needed to be replaced. He sent our laptop to his counterparts in Bangalore and the verdict was the same. “there is something wrong with the MB and needs to be replaced” They had the HP service center check it too. And the verdict was the same. Only thing was we did not know what was wrong.

So while my bro and I are discussing the further course of action, whether we buy a MB for a really low price9if that is possible) or we go in for a brand new comp, I find a comment and an email from 2 guys claiming to be from HP. Figuring I have nothing to loose in calling them, I speak with Mr. Rajesh Shah, the Customer Support Manager for Karnataka. He puts us on to the Tech head Mr. Venkat in Bangalore. A week later my bro drops the laptop with the HP service center. In 2 working days it is ready. Turns out that a BIOS chip in the MB was faulty. The overriding software didn’t work either, so the MB had to be replaced.The HP guys were also kind enough to replace the LCD panel as it got damaged during its transit to Bangalore and Mysore ( had a helluva lot scratches). And I must say that it was a quick turn around from the HP Service center. They kept in touch with us, updating us and the service was simply exceptional.

Turns out HP has a HP Care pack for those HP customers who are already under warranty to get an extended warranty of 2-3 years by paying approx Rs.7000/-. Unfortunately the HP dealer (KBM on MG road) did not infirm us of the same. So we have lost out on it as its been more that 3 months since the warranty expired. Else one has to pay Rs. 5000/- a year for the AMC. It would be great if they consider us eligible for it, and all those guys who have HP systems, speak with your dealers to get this. It is a very good deal.

Thank You HP and especially Rajesh, Venkat and Jayaprakash the tech support guy who handled our system, Haris Hadiery the Customer Experience Manager for HP who emailed me and also the kind soul who forwarded my post to the HP people. If it hadn’t been for it, I would have had to buy a new system.

Blogging Rocks!


13 thoughts on “Resurrection …. Again..

  1. Despite the inconvenience that you had to suffer, you have ended up giving us a couple of good pieces of advice. And yes, even I m touched at the way the three guys have responded. Come to talk of it, Rajesh’s bird-photoblog is nice.Welcome back. Yes, this time you would be back and for good. Jaane ka nahi ab ki baar.

  2. My husband has an HP laptop, and I found their tech support and customer service excellent. It helps to register with them as soon as you buy a product. Same goes for Netgear modems and wireless routers. The way they they just saw your blog post and volunteered to help was in itself awesome! Congrats….life must have been so tough without your laptop! Nice to see you back πŸ™‚

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