Life’s little pleasures

15 days old and lactose intolerant. 3 months and gluten intolerant. Needless to say I was shattered. I love chocolates, cakes, souffles, roti’s and parathas. And my daughter being deprived of it, drove me crazy. I stayed away from all milk and wheat products. And my kiddo has not tasted them either. But she would see the Roti’s and Parathas being cooked. She just loves to see what is cooking over the gas.

So my kiddo is on a rice and other flour diet. And she does get bored of eating rice only. So I had our cook prepare Rice Flour Phulkas. She was just so thrilled to be eating “paratha” and not roti, the same rolling of the dough, cooking on the pan as the wheat parathas. The excitement, thrill and pure joy on her face just touched my heart. She always loves to eat what is on the table. Does not like to eat different from what we are eating. These days meal times are fun, esp from my plate. Even the cake she eats are rice flour cakes, they taste good, but heck it can not be made at home.

All of us are slaves to our taste. Even when we are eating healthy, less oil food, if it is bland or not as per our taste, we just cant eat it; can we? Its the same with kids too, irrespective of their age.

Everyday I pray and hope that her tolerance level goes down as she grows older, just so she can enjoy the ice creams and chocolates. And I want to bake her a cake so bad.


8 thoughts on “Life’s little pleasures

  1. ~nm: thnk you for the link, the pics looks yummy….but the corn flour available in India has a high gluten content..but I am definitely gonna try most of the recipes in your sisters blog. mampi: thank you:) yes nm is amazing 🙂

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