So here I am

this is me
and there is no where else on earth I’d rather be

Its Official. I’m now a divorced single mum. I prefer Single Mum, but heck it feels great. Free, relaxed and can now think of moving on with my life.

I was right except it was on mutual grounds with no support. Else it would have taken years and I can tolerate being slandered but I draw the line when it comes to my parents.

So here I am clubbing both my blogs. Although it has been a long time since I posted there. And this blog is closer to my heart. And thanks to Vin and Blogger Help the merger was successful.

To new Beginnings…


18 thoughts on “So here I am

  1. When I read this post, I wasn’t sure if ‘congratulating’ you will be appropriate or not. But I can definitely say that I wish you and your daughter all the happiness that the world and the people in it can give!Hugs!

  2. <>Cling…<> Cheers ! Cheers to a new beginning which will only be full of joy, happiness and love all around ! And making sure bygones will truly be bygones….Heres to You and Kiddo ! ~Santosh.:-)

  3. Rajesh: Brave?? I dunno about that… I just want the best for my child and living in a negative environment is not a viable option… and btw which movie are you talking about? I didn’t quite get you there…the song is part of Bryan Adams ” Here I Am”

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