In the name of GOD??!!

Why? Which faith advocates that you need to kill in the name of god? Killing in the name of Allah??? These terrorists are bringing a bad name to all Muslims and human kind. And they rejoice and celebrate at the number of people killed? 

Its terrifying, calling checking friends and relatives who live in Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Ahmadabad and now Delhi. Checking for blogs posts from bloggers who live in these cities, praying they are OK, but not all are well. There are countless whom I do not know, who are affected. And the media is just so insensitive. When will they every learn. Looking at half dead people being carried away was just too much for me. I have stopped watching news channels. Just catch up on the net. I’m not strong enough to view those gruesome images glorified by the news channels. Have we learned to live with terror that it does not shock and numb us?


Will there be no end to this mindless massacre? There is just no excuse for it. Where does it say that you need to avenge, where does it say that you need to kill to scare, where does it say that hatred is valid? Why this hatred?


11 thoughts on “In the name of GOD??!!

  1. Mampi: honestly I am not shocked, am outraged!This is expected..i would have been shocked if our Intelligence agencies had managed to stop them.IHM: Thank you MM, its a new beginning (read my earlier post, if you haven’t:) We do learn don’t we, we adjust and we live, cause we obviously cannot live in fear for the rest of our lives.

  2. roop, I’m so sure it is going to happen again…our politicians never learn, all they are increasing their kitty. security of our country and its people is not foremost in our leaders mind.

  3. The hatred is a by product of our political system. And for the USA, a byproduct of its foreign policy. About the media being insensitive: Somehow, over the past 5-6yrs the media in this country has gone from being responsible to being corn holes.

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