checko-slow-wakia bolo

So we’re watching the ads on television, yes we are not allowed to see anything else, ads with kids totally rock! And a fairly new ad of a Unit Linked Plan, comes up. It has a toddler with excited parents, trying to get the child to say daddy, mummy and Czechoslovakia. the kid manages the firs t2 beautifully but shows his tongue out at Czechoslovakia. The parents go back to reading the newspaper and some other stuff, and the child slowly says checko-slo-vakia..

Now my Imp is watching this ad, transfixed. My bro decides to have some fun.

Mama: Imp, checko-slow-wakia bolo

Imp: Giving a side glance holds out her left palm, like the cops stopping you at the traffic signal, and says Mamaaaa….with a drag..meaning why are you disturbing me? And yes her expression and tone says it all. Few seconds later, as if to explain what she is doing, since mama was reading the paper, says haathi and points towards the television… an ad with an Elephant being given a bath is on…and just like the earlier ad, here the mama goes back to the paper shaking his head and mommy has a nice laugh…


12 thoughts on “checko-slow-wakia bolo

  1. Have seen the ad, yet to see it with A…I probably would have done what your brother did…else my dad would have done it πŸ˜‰ And A probably would have tsked and shook his head to show his disapproval of the disturbance πŸ˜€ Kids!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Mampi and Cuckoo: :-), most of the ads have no connect with the products, except for the cuteness factorIHM: πŸ™‚ very typical, that is why its so cute because it is expected.Apar: lol…kids really, they come with a unique do not disturb mode..:D

  3. sanotsh: I remember that episode πŸ™‚ I still get excited when she says a new word, only she is like “been there and seen that” to my excitement …monika : πŸ™‚

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