Happy Burday to you… :)

hey everybody

I’m back and its my b’day today, so people wish for me ok…

now lets get down to business…

Did I or didn’t I tell u my mum’s a meanie. first she weans me off, second she gets a new maid for me and the worst… she has put me in school, though she is calling it day care


of course I might now react when I see my home or the familiar route home but I do hold on to my mum tightly as soon as I see that lane where that horrendous school is. Doesn’t she feel sad in spite of me crying, she doesn’t even come back when I cry, just turns the other way around and goes off…even on my b’day!

Meanie nah…

But the good part is that she lets me sit on her lap when she is driving, does it matter that I refuse to sit on anybody else’s lap on the way to school..

Mothers I tell you, esp mine is totally techno defunct…she can’t even get to play the dvd and the television, the remote always stops working.. I think blaming the remote or the power cut is just an excuse to get me to stop watching songs.

I no longer get conned by her to drink up my milk. Ha! I will drink only if it is cold. yup I love anything that is chilled. My mama got me this amazing teething ring, which had to be chilled and its simply amazing chewing on it. Mum says now I’m too old for it and is refusing to get me another one, so what if it would be the third one!

I have very strong hearing powers, so even if the TV is in a low volume and I hear my songs, from Jab We Met, Welcome, Partner and Sing is king I come running from where ever I am, eve if I am sleeping. No body has the right to close the main door, it is MY job. I get up from my sleep if I hear them closing the door. So now I have everybody trained just right, call me when you have to open or close the doors. Call me when the dogs have to be fed, else there is hell to pay.

Thank god my mum doesn’t get excited these days when she hears me say a new word, man she can get soooo embarassing, I tell you!

OK so I will admit the day care is not soo bad, once I stop crying. They have rabbits, birds and dogs. And the aunties are so good. There are even small babies. But there is one boy who loves to play with my bow-bow more than his and he is always gunning for my bow-bow. They even have lots of blocks and puzzles for me to do, nursery rhymes..it is fun, but I still want my mommy there. She was there for the first 2 days, dunno why she cant be there all the time. She should just get a job there!

I mentioned earlier that I love to look at snaps right, and I also luve to get my photo taken, I’m always posing πŸ˜€ but the paranoid mum that I have she just refuses to put them up on her blog. She can talk about me but she cant put up my pics? Double Standards I tell you!!

These days I like to do everything on my own, but my ever controlling mother just does not let me eat and bathe on my own. But she wants me to sleep on my own. Yea right like I am ever going to do that. That is my revenge πŸ˜€ sweet sweet revenge πŸ˜›

Like mum, I love lights too and I esp loved the Dasara lighting in the whole city. Couldn’t get enough of it. I kept directing mama to where I wanted to go and the sweety pie that he is, he relented. Mum is going to put up the pics soon, just as soon as I give her the time to do it, that is πŸ™‚

And Ooh..Before I forget, mum is taking me to the orphanage, to celebrate my birthday. She says it will keep me grounded (whatever that means!!) and I will also get new friends. And yes I am waiting to cut and bite into my cake tonight, mum says its a special strawberry rice cake. Last year we had a chocolate cake and I wasn’t allowed to eat that, but this one mum says I can have as much as I want. Ain’t that grand πŸ™‚

Bye for now, hugs and kisses to all … muah… πŸ™‚

p.s in case you are all wondering why the title reads the way it does, simply because that is how I wish everybody including me πŸ˜€


28 thoughts on “Happy Burday to you… :)

  1. Happy b’day dear. I agree with you… you mom is such a meanie for not posting your cutesie snaps! I hope you have a rocking day today. And my prayers that the year ahead be fantastic. ps: Strawberry rice cake sounds yummy. Ask mom to post pics of the cake atleast πŸ™‚

  2. Cuckoo aunty, thank you so much.. yes I had a great day, finally got to eat the cake and it was yummmmm πŸ™‚Mum says she will definitely put up the pic of the cake and the awesome bow-bow that mama got for me πŸ™‚

  3. happy burday to you!! πŸ™‚Ask mommy to pack some cake up for A…and do add him on to your friend’s list πŸ˜€Am sorry am a day late to wish you…Hugs and kisses from me..A sends all his love πŸ˜€ He says all moms are like that and you have to endure them!!

  4. @Priyanka aunty: Thank you!Well day care is nice but it would be better if mum would be there too, and so I still cry and keep asking for her πŸ™‚@Apar aunty: Thank you πŸ™‚ he is already on my friends list and I’ve eaten a cake on his behalf too, mum says she will get fresh cake for A..no probs about the late wishes, I’m ever ready to say thank you :)love and hugs to A πŸ™‚

  5. So sorry I missed it, Happy Burday to you too, little Imp! You’re doing fine – already learning to show Mamma and everyone else where they belong, eh? :secret hi-five behind Mamma’s back:

  6. Dear IMP,I m late in wishing you happy burday but here i am, I was away for a family emergency and couldnt check your write up. HOpe you have many many cute and nice happy burdays and your mommy grows ever more cleverer and meaniest to love you, hehehe.Love and hugs

  7. Rohini says:

    Happy Burday to you Imp! Keep troubling your momma now.. u wont have enough time for it later when you grow up. πŸ˜› So be on it!

  8. Hello dear Imp, Uncle Santosh introduces you to one new word today…. no its not “czechoslovakia” Am sure you already know that With the TV advt addiction that you have….; It is “BELATED” ya ! Belated Happy Burday…. Yeaaaaah !!!! :o)Hope you had a blast and Next time you do create ruckus and ensure that you get a rich deep chocolate cake.. Also tell your mom.. You need to watch your wieght not me.. so let me indulge. Ok?Hey Imp’s Mom : Take care… Me thinks your Imp is growing up to be “sweety” From Hum panch… what with the fascination for opening and closing doors :o)

  9. Hi-fi Santosh Uncle πŸ™‚ didn’t i tell u mum is a meanie? she saves the choc cake all for herself:P the choc rice cake is yum she gave me a bit once…Sweety liked to open the doors I just like to close them πŸ™‚ And thanks for the wishes πŸ™‚

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