Partee Time :D

hey again everybody ๐Ÿ™‚ yea I know posting really soon, but I have had so much fun this week, just had to let you all know… 3 b’day parties, x-mas parties and a trip to the Railway Museum…

2 of my friends celebrated their b’day’s at school. And the cake that was cut was regular wheat flour cake so I wasn’t allowed to eat it. But I did get to eat chips, lots of it. So much that I did not eat my snack. And I managed to eat half a biscuit, much to mum’s horror..but she can relax as I did not like it very much. After that everyday she’s asking if I have tummy ache and pressing my tummy to check for lumps.. which is such a pain.

B celebrated her 4th b’day at the club which was so much more cooler. huge garden to play + huge rice cake and made so many new friends. The theme was the jungle, the cake and invite had all my fav animals. As soon as the cake was cut, I insisted mum pick out the elephant and i took him home with me. He was really sweet to taste too…but meanie mum did not let me eat it. But I was having way too much fun to complain. I played football for the first time too with B‘s older brother and his friends and totally loved it. I was stuffed with cake and ate it for 3 whole days ๐Ÿ˜€ . B is a very special friend, my first friend…ever since I was a few months old. There was only one balloon at the party as aunty in a hurry had left the bag with the balloons at her home. So there was this huge scramble for it. But I got it and did not let it go…gave it only to B and we shared the balloon amongst us…with mum making sure none of the other girls snatch it away from B’s hands. One of the girls wanted to burst the balloon, and was trying very hard to do it. She even got B to light a match stick, but mum caught her in the nick of time.

Went to the first x’mas party (my very first one) at nani’s club and came back with a smug look on my face :P. Met so many children there, made new friends, saw the older kids playing musical chairs . I even told mum to leave me here and go home in one of the cars parked there. she just kept coming in my way. not letting me go off to the grounds and play with the older kids…apparently deep in the woods snakes reside and B and I wanted to check out their home and cover the hole of the mould with big stones. Well actually B wanted to … but I’ll go along with anything she wants to do ๐Ÿ˜› . Spoil sport mum! The best part was the gifts that I got from Santa. All of us were asked to stand in a line youngest to the oldest. Me being me refused to get in line, get out of mum’s godi :D…but I still got my gift a story book… I just love them :). They played jingle bells, my fav song ever and had yum rice cake! Yes I stiffed my self like crazy… An aunty was distributing home made chocolates to everybody. I got mine too, but mum kept it in my bag even before I could see what it was. It was wrapped on shiny red and sliver paper…looked so tempting that i remembered to take it out as soon as we reached home and held on to it. The result was that it melted, I wiped my hands on my dress, and licked my fingers. Man it tasted sooo good…had to disagree with mum, when she told me I would get a tummy pain as it does not taste good. Mum really does not know anything does she! All she was thinking about was my blue dress which had patches of chocolate on it..well she did say something about allergies..what ever they are.

My school also celebrated x’mas day, before closing( yes I have my x’mas vacation, and mum is going crazy :P), but it was really boring. Also went to B’s school’s annual day function, and was bored again cause B was busy on stage and I couldn’t meet her. Did enjoy the dance that the kids did on Mauja Mauja. One of the boys also played the Jingle Bells on his casio. All in all it was OK, not that great. Since the Hall did not have a loo( at least mum couldn’t find one), I had my first experience of our mother earth and boy did I enjoy it! Going to pee became the most exciting event of the evening, until mum decided enough was enough and took me back home. Spoil Sport!

Mum took me to the Railway Museum on Saturday ( yes I do know the week days and that Sat & Sun are holidays ๐Ÿ˜€ ). Initially I refused to get down from mum’s godi, but one look at the park there, the slide..I was off in a giffy. And then there was this toy train, which was simply amazing. I got 2 rounds on it, we even went through a tunnel :D. And oh, I even went to feed the fishes at Cauvery River. It was so much fun watching the fishes dance around to grab the food ball, and finish it off really quick.

I’m having an awesome time, mum says we are going back to the Railway Museum with B and this time she will not forget the camera. And nani says that we’ll go to feed the fish every week,I also have a new year party to go to, so it looks like I’m going to have a great holiday and

Happy Holidays Everybody and a Happy New Year!


18 thoughts on “Partee Time :D

  1. Imp you are growing up!!! You played football!! Aw … I can picture little Imp running after a football, barely able to run herself ๐Ÿ™‚Feeding fish in the Cauvery will be great fun! Imp <>you<> are keeping your Mom busy :)and exposing her to so many new things ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Wow little One,You are really good at having fun. HOpe this fun carries you through in the new year and your whole life through.Love to your mom, nani and everyone who loves you.

  3. Hey I happened to come across your blog, read through many posts and there has been so much that has happened in your life. You have taken it so strongly and faced the world outright like many would/would not have. Hope all your dreams for the coming year turn true.

  4. @IHM Aunty: hehehe, yes I am! I love to kick the ball now and do it all the time at home ๐Ÿ™‚IHM: this is one b’day party I’m always going to regret that I did not have a handy cam trailing behind her… watching her play, watching the older girls take care of…all holding hands together and carefully walking so that imp does not fall down..always brings a smile to my face!

  5. @Mampi aunty: yes i love to have fun… :D. And thank you so much for your warm wishes. We wish you and your family a happy, safe and a prosperous new year!@Doli aunty: ๐Ÿ˜€ football is way too cool…

  6. @ Aathira aunty: Welcome! and do come back… i hope you liked my posts better than mum’s ๐Ÿ˜›Aathira, you have a beautiful name…and thank you for your kind words and wishes..

  7. A Very Happy New Year to you and your family,Imp:) May the coming year bring you lots and lots of happiness and May God bless you with all the goodness in life.Imp’s Mom,thers an award waiting for you in my page.Do drop by and oblige me:)

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