Moral Policing and India!

What is moral policing? Moral Policing is in actuality a religious police or Clerical Police and it exists in Saudi Arabia. In India it seems to be an attempt to control the cultural and moral atmosphere prevalent in society. How did it start here in India, an amalgamation of cultures and traditions? See how it has grown in the South…It seems to me that this is the quick fast approach taken by political groups to gain mileage.

The shameful brutal attack in Mangalore is evidence of an increasing intolerance thanks to moral policing in society. Exactly who has given the right to Rama Sena to protect us? What I am appalled at is the confidence with which the unlawful attack was carried out. What is more disturbing is that Women are being targeted. Good to know that the NCW will be probing the attack.

Though nothing much has changed in the past 4 years. This was the case in 2005 and it still rings true.

Thanks to the media, who have been telecasting the incident over and over again there have been close to 27 arrests made. The erstwhile chief Pramod Mutalik has finally been arrested for the Mangalore case.

Women are being misused and misguided. We oppose this. Women have to be protected as the law has failed. We are the custodians of Indian Culture, Pramod Mutalik | President, RHS

Who exactly is misguiding and misusing Women? If the law has failed, work towards setting the law right. Taking the law in your own hands does not solve the problem. It makes you criminal in the eyes of law. Hooliganism is not the answer. And who made you the custodians of Indian culture? Who has given you the right to morally police us, especially the women. if they are so interested in uplifting and defending our virtues there are a number of cases they can take up. Female foeticide, Rape, Domestic Violence…to name a few. Work towards enriching a woman’s safety and future instead of harassing her. And why specifically target the pub culture? Relaxing with friends is no crime. If they object to the drinking then they really should practice what they preach.

And which religion says violence and subjugation is the way to preserve Indian Culture? Educate the men that women are not mere objects of sexual desire. They are living human beings too with their own desires, wants and feelings and ambition. If the men are taught to behave and not believe that they are gods gift to man kind, such outfits will have no place in our country. Does Indian culture mean being a Hindu and not socialising with people of “other religions”?

And banning the outfit is really not the solution. All of them have to be booked and suitably tried in court. Why does our government shy of trying them. Anytime any outfit takes the law into their own hands, they talk of banning them as though that will solve the problem and keep the common people happy.

Their method was wrong. I apologise for that. It should not have happened. But it was done to save our daughters and mothers from an alien culture,” a defiant Muthalik said

yea right! first you attack and then apologise! I love it when the media does get responsible and Arnab deserves a pat on the back. My biggest grouse is that this whole incident could have been avoided had the media that was present been responsible and informed the police of the attack.

This whole hog wash about protecting and guiding women stems from the fact that today women are more independent and are refusing to be subjugated. Today she is demanding equal rights to everything. She is a liberated woman today and the fact that she does not have to depend on any man is a major cause for grievance for such outfits. That is the primary reason why the women are being targeted.

I’d really like to let go of my religion and be only known as an Indian and not be classified by my religion or gender. how many would like to do that? And just imagine if all of us just denounce our religion, not faith in god. Wouldn’t that be a great way to live, in harmony. That is a far away dream.


25 thoughts on “Moral Policing and India!

  1. Thank you for this! This is a balanced post, and so many options have been discussed and given. Finally, I wish we could do that… just declare we are an Indian, and not mention religions, castes or even gender!!Utopia, for now at least! That is what it is! Thanks also for linking me πŸ™‚ A pleasure πŸ™‚

  2. Balanced like Usha Pisharody says and also cool headed. You are right, independence of women is difficult for these kind of men to digest… but more than anything it is just a political ploy. And such ploys are becoming more and more common! My post on BJP also speaks of this fear I had – how it had seemed harmless at first and now it is getting out of control.

  3. @Usha: Thank you:) I long for the day when we will do away with religion and caste in school/college forms..@IHM: wasn’t so cool headed when i drafted it πŸ˜› U’r post on BJP was bang on target…today’s headlines read” Karnataka CM against pub culture” …

  4. We evolved as a tolerant people and are now deteriorating every day. In the name of religion-in the country that used to swear by its liberal attitude towards women in the olden days.

  5. Guiding women ??? Protecting her ?? Give me a break ! Seriously, is`nt there something we can actually DO, to make people see that we dont want any so-called moral police dictate our actions, dress code and choice of friends for us ?

  6. Oh, this was simply unacceptable what happened in Mangalore. It was so disturbing to see the images on television…I didnt even have the wrds to express my angst. so didnt, but this is well put, and well researched with all the links.

  7. Very rightly said… religion n caste n blah blah! high tym for these to be chucked out! liked the way u went abt this one! thanks for sharing! :)blog rolling you!!

  8. @Mampi: so true… we are digressing as a society and as a country@ronz: Welcome and do come back. The scariest part – they are the future politicians of our country.@ Usha: thnks for the tag lady!

  9. @Roop: gurl I’m so upset…If I dont sound mad its only because Im becoming a cynic where our politicians and law is considered. @serendipity: yes simply unacceptable…but that does not mean it will not happen again… I’m so sure it will,esp in Mangalore. they are trying to control the city and it looks like they are succeeding.

  10. @Shilpa: Isn’t that really sad! Nehru divided our country into states based on our language and now our so called leaders are dividing us based on our religion… will this ever end?@sashu: Welcome and thanks for blog rolling me! Wonder when it will happen in reality!

  11. @La Vida Loca: just the need to get noticed…till the m’lore incident happened, we didn’t even know they existed! A path all extremists follow…@Priyanka: Quite the contrary! they are being congratulated and being celebrated as if victorious..@roop: will do so babes, as soon as i get the time πŸ™‚

  12. Wow…u really do research yuor topics well before you write..all des links and quotes..phewww. I cud never ever put in soo much thought…Fabulous!! πŸ™‚

  13. I do not know how much media informing the Police of the same would have helped the situation. We have had so many instances where the police force just watches in complete disinterest when anything of this sort happens. r, maybe I am just losing hope in the law and order of this country.

  14. I was out of the grid for some time.. due the work…and when i came back to civilisation… i saw all these images playing on tv… we toil day and night so that the fellow contrymen can work in peace for the progress of the nation… but a few bastards like these fuck it all up

  15. @datsme: Welcome and thank you! This post happened because i happened to read his statements in the paper..hence the links πŸ™‚@Aathira: Welcome! I know what u feel, i lost hope too but was curious how the law would handle Mutalik on Val day…and he has been taken into custody yesterday…so that today could be peaceful.@Wolfy: Welcome! <> we toil day and night so that the fellow contrymen can work in peace for the progress of the nation… but a few bastards like these fuck it all up<> …..that is the most depressing fact about our nation.its thanks to guys like u we get sleep peacefully at night!

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