Happy Holi!!

The color of Riots is here again.


Like Diwali, we celebrate Holi for 2 days. Choti Holi and Badi holi. Choti Holi, yesterday starts of with Hanuman Puja during the day and Holika Dahan in the night ( usually late in the night). That is a bonfire made of cow dung cakes with ends of sugarcane burnt by the men in the family. It signifies the death of Holika and the miraculous escape by Prahalad. That sugarcane is then cuts into chunks and everybody exchanges their chunks with Holi wishes, applying Gulal as shagun. Only after this cycle is finished do we start playing . The next day, Badi holi is when we start playing early in the morning till noon. at the end of the day we are black, blue with streaks of gold and silver and dripping wet!

This was imp’s second holi. And she totally loved it again. She loved the bonfire, the sugarcnae exchanges and applying color. Though she just watched letting others apply gulal to her face…she finally cane on her own with her nani..gleefully applying color to nani. Sleep be dammed.

Holi has alway been fun. And we have involved our friends and neighbours. One festival which we cousins always got together and had a blast. One instance come to mind… After playing, we all decide to go have some ice cream. We are there at the ice cream palour, and we realise that we are being stared at…getting double looks from everybody. People slowing down, stoppin to look at us…u knw like you would look at an animal in a zoo. And then one guy crashes his bike into the vehicle in front of him, while looking at us.  We were 15 of us, all black with gold and silver straks on our faces and drippin wet. We were suning ourselves in the sun while having our ice cream. We stopped traffic. We caused an accident. We had a Blast, so much so that a friend makes a statement ” Man! You North indians have more fun than south indians “

Wish you all a Happy, Safe and colorful Holi !!


14 thoughts on “Happy Holi!!

  1. Happy Holi!I didn’t even realize that it was Holi 2 days back. I feel so distant from the real world these days. We used to have such a Blast during Holi every year, I remember even eating bhaang one time 😉 My friends had this wild idea of eating bhaang, finally the whole experience was disappointing as we did not feel light-headed at all. It probably was adulterated bhaang..Bah!

  2. @ all : Thank you!! And wish you teh same… hope all of u had a blast 🙂Priyanka, that is what happens when one is outside India I guess… bhang…yea i tried it too, in a drink and didn’t feel any thing..was soooo dissapointed 😛

  3. Ohh thanx fr ur lovely comment. U have encuraged me to write better.Glad u liking the current story. I’m enjoying writing it as much as u iked reading it. It has the last part coming in soon. Have a peek once in a while when u get time to see if it’s come.. Ill let u know anyways.Anand. 🙂

  4. Hey u,It’s big but it’s finally out..The last part of the Legend of Krishna. I worked as fast as I cud so ur not left unsatisfied…Hope u like it. Lemme know wot u think.The story writer. 🙂

  5. Hope you had a blast. I used to hate Holi in India. Never liked drunk people on street or people throwing balloons or color on me but now in US I miss it so we play just for fun with washable colors.

  6. @anand: will definitely check it out:)@ solio: see that is why holi has such a bad name…I just don’t get it, why do we need to force anybody to play with us..it should be a personal choice..didnt play at all, no cousins to play with…everybody’s disbanded 😦 washable colors…I wish we got them here too…

  7. WOw, i am reminded of a song in punjabi, it says-GT ROad tey brakan laggian ni billo teri tor wekh ke, fir gaddian che gaddian wajjian billo teri tor wekh ke ( they put brakes on the gt road after they saw you, then cars smashed into each other when they saw you ).Got it??

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