Shrunk World!

Internet has really shrunk our lives. We are more accessible to the whole world, to people we would probable never meet or see. Anytime I get to know of a person or need to know more about anybody, I Google their name. Its amazing how their life opens up. I know I am also accessible to the same scrutiny, that is why I am careful and at times secretive. Yet there are those who are not. Those who think that its OK to say what you want and that it will not bite you back. Tough luck if a prospective employer or current employer happens to come across it. Most of the times they do. I’m amazed how can one believe that in these times companies are not computer savvy.

Unfortunately for these people, one who offended his clients and another who gloated about his job offer. Ouch!

Blogging and Tweeting are currently the fastest growing PR tools and not to be under estimated, esp if one’s words are for the public in short the whole world wide web.


16 thoughts on “Shrunk World!

  1. You won’t believe but I have the same post in my draft. I mentioned this Cisco-twitter thing ๐Ÿ™‚Yes! world has shrunk and even sometimes we use this technology to keep in touch with our very own. I had bad experience in the past precisely why I chose to blog under a pseudo-name. Internet is such an open space that one doesn’t know who is lurking around. If one doesn’t care then good for them but if you blog just for fun then do you need the trouble that comes with it? I think no.

  2. Exactly! In my case, I’m not worried much about prospective employers because I am careful of what I write in my blog and ususally don’t divulge information of personal/professional nature. I’m more scared about online predators, which is why I don’t post kiddie pics or personal pics. It’s so easy to hack into accounts these days a half-baked college drop-out can do it!

  3. @Solio: really? you should post it.. ๐Ÿ™‚@roop: true babe!@IHM: It is fun but also scary at the info out there…@ Mystic Margarita: Me too MM…im too terrified of predators and the lack of cyber laws… Hacking into email accounts is like a playground for college kids and I make sure I’m always changing my pwd..

  4. U google their names and it comes alive??Really? Havent happend with me yet…and hope it stays that way.The way the world is shrinking..u’d think one day it wud shrink so much that Id have no space and be in kissing distance with my boss… YUKKKK๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yup…world has really shrunk. Its possible to know almost anything abt anyone these days, thanks to Orkut, FB, Twitter, Linkedin etc etc…while such open platforms help us a lot in interacting but these have lots of disadvantages too!

  6. Yeah the world has shrnk for sure can have daily chats with our far off freinds ..but on the other side have become more vurnable as well…this post really scared me ..I actually thought a lot about closing my baby’s blog or not posting photos anymore but then thought otherwise ..

  7. @Vandana: like everything,technology has its pros and cons…they just have to be moderated better… I’m too terrified of posting pics…hats off to you and all mums like you who do!@justthinkingaloud: u bet! guess what…I also used to work with a digital mktg company too, till I had my baby ๐Ÿ™‚ And welcome to my space ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. what a crisp post!! short and sharp!! truly, the world is just a click away! but it has its pros and cons. One ought to be cautious while using the net!

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