Conversations from the Imp household!

Post 6pm, we’re both in the garden enjoying the evening breeze after a hot sunny day.

IMP: Mummy see…pointing towards the sky… Mooon!!
Me: Nahi beta woh moon nahi hai. Those are the clouds (She does not understand the silver lining to a grey coud)
IMP: Nahi mamma, Moon hai. Imp jaati hai?
Me: Nahi beta, Wahan Koi nahi jaata, koi nahi rehta.
IMP: mmm…(thinking in progress) bus hai?
Me: nahi
IMP: tractor hai?
Me: nahi
IMP: nayi mamma, tractor hai. Imp ko maalum hai, sab maul hai mamma.

Watching songs on my lap, she suddenly exclaims as I change the channel..
“Oh God! No Mama!”
Stunned and shocked mum: Where did you learn that?
Suddenly shy Imp: Bacche Ma!

Sleepy mum to imp: Sleep baby. Mamma ko nini aiye.
IMP: nahi
Me: fine. then let mumma sleep. you do your puzzles
Imp: No. Uttho Mamma. Ye lo, colouring karo (handing me the crayons and hte coloring book)
Me: No. Imp ne paani nahi pi, mamma imp ki baat nahi sunegi
IMP: hmmm… theek hai…takes a sip from the bottle. Ab bas hai, okie…paani uthho aur coloring karo. Imp puzzle karti hai. Theek Hai.
Me: Aur piyo...
IMP: Nahi. Bas Hai
Me: Piyo.
IMP: Imp jaari hai. Imp ko bahar Janna Hai. Tum ninna karo. Ok Mamma. Byeeee

Goes out and wakes up Nana and Nani to open the main door, since mum has refused to!

After breakfast, dad is getting ready to leave for work. Imp scrambles from my lap to wear her sandals.
IMP: Nana… Imp aari hai…I also coming.
Nana: No Beta, you stay here. You have to have your bath.
IMP: Nahi. I also coming. See Imp ready hai. Nai Nai nahi karna.
And is getting ready to go out the door, to wait right next to the car.
Nana: Theek Hai, car me round deke, nai nai karna…ok..phir mamma office leeke aiyagi.
IMP: Nahi. Imp ko office me dosa khana hai. Abhi.
Nana: Lekin aise gandi jaaogi?
IMP: Gandi nahi hai nana! Imp ko jaana hai…please nana..please nana…please… (she does a wonderful lip curl when she is pleading. Will melt the strongest heart!)
As usual Nana melts: Theek Hai. chalo. Paani ki bottle rakho aur bye kardo mummy ko.

And as usual I have no say in this conversation.


18 thoughts on “Conversations from the Imp household!

  1. πŸ™‚ I’m sure she made u recall how you were when u were a bachhaa, no?

    The lip curl thing does it to everyone, doesn’t it?? SIghhh..

    Lol. nice….
    Anand. πŸ™‚

  2. lol ihm, weird name is exactly what i thought when i saw the name in my inbox… till I saw the URL… you should have just pasted the link to your blog address, without the blog post url…

    yes IHM, that is the only way her coloring and puzzles will get done before she sleeps. That is the agenda! Coming on right over for the tag, another one on motherhood, looks like its the mother’s day fever :P…and don’t even remind me abt the contest!

  3. ok…first off…ur nickname is adorable…next off…so is ur daughter. Alongwith smart and on her way to becoming a total woman! ;o)
    u write v.well…its a delight to read ur posts. am totally going to follow u and be a regular reader. I could do with more smiles in life πŸ™‚ and ur blog seems just the thing.
    Pls visit my blog and leave ur comments…i’d appreciate it!

  4. juhi says:

    aww… this one is soo jute didi!! I can imagine Nana melting…coz Imp’s nana is a sweet heart…regards to nana and nani!

    Love Juhi

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