God and his terrific sense of humor!

Dear God,

Oh I’m pissed! Royally pissed!

She wakes up today morning, with a blood red spot in her eye. Turns out to be a cyst! yea a cyst. How did she get it? We have 2 mango trees in out back yard replete with mango’s. She loves to play outside, and personally pick and collect the fallen mango’s to give to her nani to pickle them. The fact that she happened to rub her eye after touching the mango and the sap is what has given her the bloody cyst. And rinsing the eye of a 2.6 yrd old with menthi solution is a piece of cake, isn’t it?

What am I supposed to do, Tie her up like we tie dogs, so that she can be in one place. This girl loves to play in the grass, in the mud, yes she even likes to eat it. Loves to pluck out the flowers and make a small garden for herself or her mum.

And don’t even get me started about her ears, infected! I have to take out her earrings. This girl loves jewelery, even more than her mother. And now I have to bloody well take out her earrings. Just a walk in the park. the very thought of it, has me shaking. She is going to be sooo upset.

But then hey, what has to done has to be done right. First the allergies and now this. Thank you. Please I do not want to know what all different types if reactions can happen with touch, please just stop it here. And forgive me for my explicit language, I’m really upset, I cant really vent this way at home here. What has this girl done to deserve this? To see other kids eat cake, chocolates, ice cream and only want it form a distance, knowing that seh cannot eat any of those, Only those special ones that mum makes or gets for her. Its torture looking into those eyes, and explaining to her, why she cannot have those.

Please just stop it right here, I’m begging you. She does not even understand what I am going to do, she will cry bloody murder begging me to not do this to her. Begging that she will be a good girl and listen to everything I say. If this goes on, I cant deal with this, so please just stop here, let this be the last. Please.

Upset mum.


35 thoughts on “God and his terrific sense of humor!

  1. oh no.. i read about the milk thing too.. this is so unfair and so not right..
    the cyst in the eye, how will it go?
    lots of hugs to u and imp..god bless her (he better do)

  2. @Monika: yea, an answer I would love to have! Thanks gurl!

    @Iya: yea I know… her eye needs to be rinsed with Meethi decoction…am wondering how the hell am I going to get her to do it!

    @Nehal: Welcome to my space! Its terrible nah, when they hurt themselves, it hurts us more…

  3. It is so unfair!!! and so sad!! I do hope Imp gets better soon!! Just yest, I found a red spot in my daughter’s eye – which turned out to be harmeless – and then I read your post and was like – I can so imagine what you are going thru… Take care and hugs to Imp!

  4. Dear God,

    We all know what a darling Imp is, please take the cyst away and give her mom strength to tell her what needs to be told. She will be a good girl, I promise!


  5. I’m so sorry to hear about all this. It is really hard when such things happen to our lil ones, I cannot even begin to imagine what you must be going through.
    I hope things get better, and imp has a happy, healthy and wonderful life.

  6. Thank you for your prayers Rohini!

    yes Priyanka, its tough, was really angry whn I wrote this and thnks for ur wishes!

    hi Solio, oh ur so right! Helpless… will pass on ur higgies..

  7. Imp’s Mom ; Have you ever considered asking your pediatrician to put Imp on “monteleucast”? A Tab. a night will work wonders. pls do show the eye to an opthalmologist…and when she is asleep…then take out the earrings…dust with neomycin powder.
    My prayers are with u.

  8. i think it is my first time commenting here..but been a regular reader of urs…

    this one stuck a chord! coz i am very tired of treating my Kaju with medicines…it is either her tummy bug..or a cold and cough! or it is her wheezing issues..
    and she is exactly the same age as imp!and that she is exactly like imp in her acitivites…

    but trust me when i say this..i have read about ur life and i know for a fact that u are a strong person…

    God does give kids , who needs constant attention, to those partents who are strong and can take care of them well! it is defly not an analogy coz we are not in that boat but I have always wondered how a mother of child, who is a special child, will go throughher years looking after a special need child? but u know what! only MOMs who have the grit and courage to go through such times are always blessed with such children….”special” indeed! na?

    dont u worry gal! it will go through just fine..and hugs to the little imp!

  9. hiya doc πŸ™‚ I’m not a big fan of English medicines…prefer home remedies and with a child as sensitive as imp, home remedies always have worked for her. and besides I trust my Dr Jag more than the pead..thnks for your tips and prayers!

    her ears are already much better, eye will take a few more days, but am hopeful!

  10. IBH, your comment struck a chord..very comforting and had me in tears…and left me speechless…

    hugs to Kaju, I hate pumping medicines to imp too…restrictive diet is tuff more for the mothers than the kids..

    thanks for delurking!

  11. Awww…. poor lil Imp. She’ll be ok ya. Have patience.

    U knw, I believe…the only reason why there are mommys is cuz God cant be everywhere at the same time.

    So….now by that logic…..God is actually relying on the mommy to take care of Imp but here the mom is poiting a finger back at him.

    Lol. Wots goin on??

  12. Nehal says:

    yep it does hurt us more i was waiting outside when the doctors where taking the stiches he said its better for him or he will cry more on seeing U. those where the worst 10mins hereing him cry but had to wait outside

    i hope ur daughter is better now

  13. Sniff…sniff God if you don’t take away our darling Imp’s cyst me too might end up writing a very very long nasty letter to u…so please let our Imp run around in her garden, picking mangoes and flowers and eating the sand coz that is what little gals and boys are supposed to do.

    Hey mom she cheer up she will be fine…love and huggggs to u both

  14. juhi says:

    Hi didi… hope Imp is doing better now.. it is so unfortunate that the little one is going through soo much… πŸ˜₯ Hope she feels betetr and all the allergies go away..

    Love to Imp and hugs to you!

  15. yea yea..Jagan… that’s what happens when your anger dies down and you start thinking clearly! hehehe… no body else picked that up…how did u?

    yea imp is fine, thnx for asking πŸ™‚

  16. LOL.. when you thought clearly you made the title??

    hehe.. said na, i hover mouse on text and look for the link in the bottom left and then read the text on which i hovered. hahaha..

    So, are you planning to join Imp in a school this academic year? She’s 2n half na..

  17. lol… dont think anybody else does that! Used to do that at work, when I had to QC the links on the websites…lol..

    yea she joins school in June, 3 more weeks!!… πŸ™‚

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