Home remedies and a BIG Thank you!

First off, thank you all everybody for your support. I was really upset initially more so because the big fan I am of home remedies, it meant that I would have to toughen up and get immune to her cries for them to work . And yes I managed to do both… time, patience & a stone of heart. Damn why did parenting have to be so hard! now that will make for a totally different post…

So here is what I did..

For the Cyst in her eye: Rinsing eyes with Meethi Seeds decoction is a good remedy for all eye related problems. rinsing the eyes of a toddler, was tough. After a lot of debate, using it as eye drops was the best. And after a lot of trial and error, its best to use it when the are asleep! Just pull down the lower eye lid, and voila its done. No cries. No pleadings nothing.

For her ears: Turns out that the supposed gold plated earring was made of inferior quality material and hence the infection was going bad to worse. So it was Kari pata (fresh) to the rescue. The stems have medicinal properties. Seeing is believing they say and within 6 hours there was a noticeable difference. And in 24 hours, I could actually see her pierced ear lobes without any pus or blood. The sticks would turn black, it was as though it was pulling/sucking all infection into itself. The sticks have to be replaced everyday, they shrink in size and dry out. Neem sticks cannot be used, since they rot the ears, making it a whole lot worse.

The whole operation, was done when she was sleeping. Removing, cleaning & oiling. Used Entrops on the ear lobe and the sticks too. The cyst took about a week to clear more so because, I could put those drops only during the afternoon and though her ears look ok now, have been advised to keep it going for another month.

The worst, she has sworn off earrings. She does not want to wear them. Period. Even though her ears don’t pain now, I’m still not allowed to change the sticks when she is awake. I’m planning to take her to the jeweler, to shop for her new earrings, hopefully then she’d be interested again. And yes she has also become very alert during her sleep. If she feels any pain and is woken up, she looks every few minutes to see if I am in the room or not and so I am not supposed to be sleeping next to her, if I touch her eye or ear.


53 thoughts on “Home remedies and a BIG Thank you!

  1. Woahh..beautiful. Real glad she’s ok now.

    Wondering though..why is it necesary to put an earring anyways???? Wots the necessity??

    It’s jus an accessory. Let her have it when she grows up a bit. LEAVE HER EARS ALONE.

  2. yeah anand, I’m thinking the same thing now…and after going through so much trouble, it’ll be a shame to let it go now… the only reason i got it done early was cause she was the one who wanted to wear them…

  3. wow next time I have a problem I know who to turn to for home remedies…it’s wonderful to know about the methi seeds. curry patta I knew about that coz when i was a kid (that’s like maybe 10 years back??), I too had the same infection like Impy darling and my grandma used to put those sticks in my ears and the foreign school I was in thought it’s a fashion statement…lol

    So glad to hear that the little gal is ok..and I agree with Anand for the first time..Leave her ears alone…

  4. CIMP: try them out, totally effective!

    Sakshi: anytime lady! and if you need some more tips just read the post, I have linked here…

    fashion statement…. lol…believe me, I had left her ears alone, she was the one who wanted earrings…

  5. Oh my God! Please give little Imp a hug from my side….I have gone through this and it is not comfortable at all.

    I was under the impression neem sticks are good for this!! So curry-patta leaves are what we are supposed to use!!
    This is informative!

  6. Hmmm…..She asked for it??? U putting the blame on her now????
    Shucks..I wonder who is supposed to be doing the growing up here. lol.

  7. Good to know the little Imp is doing fine now. {{{Hugs}} to the cutie.

    Sometimes home remedies work wonders. Informative.

    As for earrings, whenever she is ready you can put a tiny gold one. Very tiny.

  8. great to know she is better πŸ™‚ and let her take her own time for earrings trust me one day she’ll want only that and if she doesnt big deal

  9. that must be really hard on the little one!hugs to her..

    and hey am a big fan of home remedies aka “kai vaidhiyam” in tamil πŸ™‚ and FIL being a GM at an Ayurvedic pharm company…helps me explore a lot in to alternate medicines…:)

  10. Thanks Lavs!

    Oh IHM, it was hell! A friend of mine did tell me about neem sticks, that’s why I put it up here..and yea curry patta stems not leaves πŸ™‚

  11. Oh Anand, I knew you’d pick this up… like I knew her ear would be infected! And in a month I’m sure, she’ll be back to her normal self running around with my earrings asking to wear them… only now, she’ll be able to! πŸ™‚

  12. yes solio, home remedies always work, they just take a longer time… and yes, plan to pick up a cutie small gold earring for her..

    I knw monika πŸ™‚ and I knw in few weeks she will be asking to wear earrings again… btw have picked up entrops for u..

  13. yea IBH, these days she is just glad her ears don’t hurt anymore.. ayurvedic pharma wow! alternative medicine really works!

    @all, will pass on your hugs to imp, thanks you guys πŸ™‚

  14. I am very suspicious of medicines and have always used herbal/home made remedies. Glad to find a like minded person. Some garlic oil (u know warm half spoon of oil, drop a pod of garlic in it, and then apply it on the affected spot) also works. Takes away the pain too


  15. Good to know she’s doing better. Yay for home remedies! I hope things are cured soon and you don’t have to play Cruella de Ville Mamma(a la Kiran) any more.

    BTW, the Aroma Magic oils are.. dunno. They’ve lost most of their aroma over the past few months. I’m not sure whether this is due to bad essential oil(because tea tree oil still reduces boils and pimples in 24 hrs) or bad packaging though.

  16. good that she is better ..

    and after such a scary experince no doubt she doesn’t want to wear them anymore …

    you waer some real tempting earring for some days adn she will soon forget all the pain and would love to get a hand on all your ear-rings

  17. Radical Ancient: hehe, yea I hope soo… πŸ™‚ as for the aroma magic oils, im not sure too, could be the packaging …all the oils come with expiry dates, maybe its crossed? Tea tree works wonders…doesn’t it… but do u use it with a base oil?… do you refrigerate the oil? lasts longer that way… and it shouldn’t be exposed to air too…

  18. Glad that shes all well now:) and hope she doesnt have to try out any remedies even home remedies ever πŸ™‚

    Rinsing eyes with Methi water was an issue with your toddler ???? LOL you should have seen my tantrum couple of months back when my auntie tried the same thing on me πŸ™‚ AM sure IMP was manageeble πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  19. πŸ™‚ ah reminds me of when i had an ear infection [cos i bot and wore cheap plastic earrrings…:)] and mom made me wear the curry leaf stick couple of days!!!

    Glad to hear she is alright.. dontcha worry… if she is like me, she will be back to wearing earrings [by the dozen] in no time! πŸ˜€

  20. sure thing, brown phantom πŸ™‚

    aarti πŸ™‚ oh she’s back to her “I want earrings phase” now its followed by tears, cause they are pierced now!

  21. A first timer to your blog! You know the first blog that i conceived of, had this name ‘Life’s Like that’…but I never write a single post in it.
    So your blog name immediately caught my atttention!
    And I’m so glad it did…..

    I too am ALL for Home Remedies…the curry patta as the disinfectant is really informative…
    Will keep visiting and am adding you to my blogroll..

    Do visit my blogs whenever you have time :

  22. hey SGD, Welcome to my space…glad you liked my blog…if only cause of the name πŸ˜›

    and yes, imp is doing fine now…totally cured… thanks for asking πŸ™‚

    will definitely come and chk out your blogs…

  23. oh poor baby 😦
    nothing else to add except that i have the same problem and i kept at it. when i got my nose done it got swollen to huge proportions!

    i now coat everything in clear nail polish. really works

  24. Hey!
    I’m from Deccan Herald, a B’lore-based newspaper. Would like to interview you for a story on mommy bloggers that I’m working on. Can you get in touch with me? (ranjitha84ATgmailDOTcom

  25. hey thanks for your wonderful home remedies!! You know what,this post is about “home remedies” with a difference!!!!!!!!! you have given it a personal touch by adding your cute daughter's experiences with them!!!!!
    that make these remedies even more effective!!!

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