When Love & Hate Collide…

Is it love or Motherhood??

I remember an aunt once saying, how her relationship with her mother improved when she became a mum.. Didn’t make a lot of sense then…Lav tagged me to write 5 things that I love about being a mom. And me being me, cannot stick with just 5…

Becoming a parent is a complete lifestyle change. Its an emotional roller coaster ride. No two days are the same, everyday has its own story.

I have someone to call my own. Just Mine, who also happens to be the best person to cuddle up, a hug from her is the best medicine and play nonsensical games and that she’s a chip off the old block

Rediscovering the little joys… the pitter patter of rain, playing with shadows, chasing butterflies…… looking at the world through her eyes…

She makes me a better person, knowing that I can change for the better…. she balances my life, in a way I never thought was ever possible. Children have a way of taking your attitude and ego and shoving it in your face, and there is nothing you can do about it.

The craziness that comes with living with a toddler. Toys all around, room forever in a mess, shoes never in their place… those visiting might hate it, but heck I love it…

The comfort, the closeness that being with a child brings. Legs on tummy, tiny palms in my face cooing contently… the heartfelt moments..

It is also the official certificate that I have grown up and I have to get out of bed everyday and early!! If it were just me, I’d be in bed the whole day… I’m lazy! There are days when she drags me out of bed…

I am who I am because of her, A mother cause she came into my life. Motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me.

And how could IHM not add a twist to this tag! To write about the things that I don’t like about motherhood.

I miss wearing my heels. Carrying her and heels just don’t go together!

I really could do without the allergies…

The tears at a drop of a hat and temper tantrums and the frustration and irritation that comes with it…

Messy hair, refusal to comb her hair

I just don’t recognize my body anymore and the hormones, the lesser said about them the better! My closet is full of clothes in every size. Have never exercised in my life and now I will just have too! hmph..

Honestly I really love being a mother, the only thing that I really hate is the fear, the helplessness that comes with being a mother, always wonder what kind of a world have I brought her into? …. too much to handle.

Pass this tag on to Saakshi, Nehal, SGD, Monika and Apar ( do the love bit now). Will come back and update the links, till then if you happen to drop by, please consider yourself tagged! And anybody else who would like to take it …fell free to do so..


34 thoughts on “When Love & Hate Collide…

  1. Sigh…you are such a lovely mom …no wonder Imp adores you. I love being a mom too but can’t vouch for the fact that Saman enjoys having me around him all the time coz am very impatient at times 😦

    Just skipping the tag as I really don’t know how to do a tag and this one makes me all emotional and upset.

  2. hey saakshi, I get impatient too … too many times, have to keep reminding myself to stop it! and no pressure if u dont wanna do it… would be fun to read urs though…

  3. Legs on tummy and face in tiny hands…doesn’t that immediately bring a warm feeling in my heart! And I never was so quick to cry until I became a mother…
    And how we rediscover the world with them!! So true Imp’s Mom- amazing how you expressed this, everything from a print on the bed sheet to spider is given due attention… and we follow their eyes! πŸ™‚

    And the feeling that we have brought them into a world that does not deserve them is something I share… as they grow older we become more comfortable, if that’s a comfort…

    Loved reading this tag, as I knew I would! Hugs, IHM

  4. Finally, I know your name πŸ™‚
    Jyoti, I loved the lines -‘Legs on tummy and face in tiny hands’, I feel like running to the bedroom and cuddling beside my sleeping daughter RIGHT NOW!

  5. yes IHM, i never knew I could cry like this either… yea we follow their eyes cause we’re so curious to see the world thru them….and the fear is so bad…yes it is a comfort, cause I’ve noticed that my fear has come down considerably…

    hugs πŸ™‚

  6. I am so with you on the emotional part. I became so emotional even while carrying my little one. Every movie with a mother or daughter scene made me cry and I thought it will be over after delivery but it only worsened. I need to always have a tissue box to wipe tears watching mushy films. So motherhood made me emotional for sure. :):)

    Could relate to so many things here IM.

  7. Jyoti… feels nice to finally call you that too πŸ™‚ this is such a beautifully done tag πŸ™‚

    Yes motherhood is all of those, and the really really fearful part being the helplessness one feels about your child, sometimes, when things happen around, illness, and the future.

    I have been tagged too, by IHM, and I must get to it.

    Lovely reading this!

  8. I stopped watching mushy films Solio, because of this…. haven’t watched TZP yet…can u believe it…cause I knw it will make me cry and my imagination will get hyperactive! πŸ™‚

  9. It doesnt mattter hw a mom is. A mom is a mom is a mom.
    For an imp, shes god. Period.

    Loved the post…Im ignoring this line here thugh – “I just don’t recognize my body anymore and the hormones, the lesser said about them the better!”
    NOooooooo.. Heee

  10. Honestly I really love being a mother, the only thing that I really hate is the fear, the helplessness that comes with being a mother, always wonder what kind of a world have I brought her into? …. too much to handle.

    – with that ! i know why i keep visiting your blog..coz it reminds so much of myself πŸ™‚

    i have exactly the same reason to hate motherhood + the feeling of helplessness when the kid is going through pain..and i really can not much about it but to take her to doc…and hope it is nothing big…that feeling kills me…

  11. yeah the helplessness is immense ..I can just look in his tearful eyes and hold him and wish his pain goes away ..more so sometimes it is impossible to know what is making him cry ..

    another thing which I do not is fear of what if’s..out of nowhere I will start thinking if this happens and that happens …like day before yest he put a small pointed stick in his mouth..and was at unease ..my mil saw the stick and removed but these “what ifs” worry me to no end ..

  12. You knw Vandana, I wish we had an inbuilt sensor to know exactly what was wrong and what was making our kids cry esp when they cannot tell us… and the what if’s are enoufh to drive one crazy…

  13. THat was really a lovely reading.
    agree with you over the last bit, we dont know what kind of world we have brought them into.
    can understand.
    God bless them.

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