And he is gone….

Damn damn damn… feels unreal

grew up listening to his songs… they are an all time fav… and now he is gone. Just like that. A legend, one that I didn’t associate death with. Listening to his songs is gonna make me cry. No body can match up to this performance at the ’88 Grammys , The Way You Make Me Feel and Man in the Mirror…

The king of pop is dead.



22 thoughts on “And he is gone….

  1. It was really shocking…
    never anticipated sucha a sudden end to his life..
    I was waiting for his comeback tour..n .its too hard..i m evryone.
    the magic has gone.

  2. Sad indeed ad in his death may the world remember him for his music rather than all the scandals. Undoubtedly he was a musical genius annd my fave is his thriller and let's make a better world….

  3. yea rahul, its a sudden end…not fair at all 😦

    true sakshi, all we will remember is the music… good music and his moves…no body can enthrall like him!

    yes vimmu, he left us way way too early…

  4. Words r never enuff to express extreme grief. That's why, I believe, tears were made.

    I have one consolation with me though. I have had the privilege to actually see the guy for real. I believe he saw me too and waved at me. I hv seen the guy jus 5 feet apart.

    Yea….that's a consolation for one life time.

  5. I so wished it was a hoax when I heard of his cardiac arrest and then when his death was confirmed, I knew that this time it is for real.

    The kind of pop is gone. It is end of an era.

  6. I was ekdam sure you wud hv written something about MJ when i logged in to chk ur blog !

    Very True : There are somepeople who even death cannot take away from us, and this guy is surely one of them. It would be absolutely impossible that anyone born in the 70's and 80's wud nt have heard or shaken a leg to his songs !

    And that includes me ! Who wants nothing to do with english music !

  7. @ani: oh!! that is sad 😦

    @Solio: true… it took a long time to actually sink in…

    @Priyanka: yes it is… couldn't watch his videos without choking… 😦

  8. yea Santosh, how could I not write about him!! and u'r so right … death cannot take him away form our hearts…

    believe me if u didn't like his songs, I would have thought U'r an Alien!

  9. RIP MJ

    The news spread like wild fire in twitter in jus 15-20mins past his death.

    I couldn't believe but found a post in a popular blog and that new was still under formation.

    Kept status “RIP MJ” in gtalk and text messaged to friends and Retweeted it and it was all done around 3:00am i guess.

  10. I know its so sad.. im sure a lot of ppl still havent come to terms with this news.. i still feel so sick in my stomach when i think about it…

  11. true sara, u knw whats worse? the media going crazy with the info overload on his autopsy, and the mad scramble for his inheritance… its pathetic to see MJ being treated that way

  12. Mj is immortal! Legends like MJ live forever!!! I am privileged to share my birthday with him!! I thank my mom for it! Love you MJ!! You will remain the king of pop as long as there is music and dance in this world!!

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