The Adventurous One..

The whole neighborhood knows our dogs and
keep an eye for them. They are friendly and never attack unless provoked, so can be left to wander about on their own for a few minutes and they always find their way back. There have been days when complete strangers have come knocking to tell us that our dogs have wandered far away and somebody should go get them, before they are dog-napped. They are the star attraction, though our immediate neighbors will have a different POV due to their(his) loud and constant barking. Every person walking by or standing in front of the gate is greeted this way.

The notorious one

Forever up to mischief, forever hungry, can eat any thing and foreve
r barking! Once he took Imp’s stuffed toy into his dog house and refused to come out! Last week one day he suddenly decided to not come back home after his regular walk post lunch. We decided to wait till evening to go look for him. Our help, who whenever around, always takes them out personally after lunch was very guilty…since this happened on his watch. So he takes the other one and goes looking. And cant find him. Takes the other one too and heads out. Still no clue. Dad is not too worried, mum however is a different case altogether. And Imp asking for him all the time. Mum’s sure he has either met with an accident somewhere or somebody’s walked off with him. She strongly suspected our immediate sour neighbor. Our other dog is acting very weird. Standing at the gate and barking away, peeing through the opening and barking… Open the gate and he looks left and right and barks away. Every time, he barks we’re checking outside and finally our man decides to come back home. Why? Its dinner time! And his punishment, poor guy had to go hungry for not coming back home on time. Nobody messes with mum when she is sooo upset.

The silent brooding one

Obedient, Quiet and unruffled… till the notorious one came into picture. Then we saw his naughty side. Both of them together are a riot. Always chewing whatever they can sink their teeth into… looking at both of them, one would think they are not fed at home, at all. One fine day he too decided to not come back home after his lunch walk. For some vague reason he decided to follow one of the teens who was walking out of a nearby bank. Accompany him till his shop, and decides to snooze under the shade there. It was a hot sunny aft, and the kid had given him a bowl of water and food too. small mercies he did not eat anything, just had water and slept. The boy along with his friends dropped him off home in the evening. The boys were totally thrilled and excited, that they had the company of our dog for one whole afternoon and that he was so well behaved!

These very group of kids keep a look out for our dogs, always checking in on them and appraising us if they have wandered far away.

Blessed.. Aren’t they?


28 thoughts on “The Adventurous One..

  1. I think they are lucky to have a group of kids who are fond of them, and the kids are lucky to have such friendly dogs in the area…

    I enjoyed reading your story! Our dogs are never allowed to go out on their own, but I think it is good if dogs can go out and exercise and explore on their own. Just be careful of the Municipal dog poisoning squad, and road accidents.

    How do they react to Diwali or any other fire crackers?

  2. Me too ! Very scared of Dogs πŸ™‚ Whenever any dog owner says dont worry they dont bite… i say “Well i dont want to give them a chance anyway” :o)

    Itna sab likha ? Doggies ka naam nahi likha??

  3. Sakshi had mathematics problems in school. She also has druiking problems so she sees more than the actual no. That's why she saw 3 dogs instead of 2. No wonder she's called the tulli of the house.

    Kindly count me in the dog lover category too. Had 1 – a dachshund and a pomi. :-))

    Err….ahhhh…hmmm… say what?? hehehe. oh. ugh..

    Btw, cud hv taken bigger pics.

  4. Yes IHM they are truly lucky! yes we are careful, don't let them out on their own when the municipal squad is on duty and they are let out on their own only when we knw there is minimal traffic on the road… and by now they knw they are not supposed to run on the road but the footpath.

    They are absolutely terrified during diwali… hate to see them like that..cowering in one corner…

  5. well santosh, I don't think u r like my cousin who went to whisper a secret in the dog's ear and had his ear bitten off cause he ended up scaring the dog πŸ˜›

    U really do not have to worry, they will be tied whenever ur visiting πŸ˜€

  6. math probs and tulli huh?? wait till she see this..

    and wht do u mean u had dogs…dont have them anymore?

    errr….spell check?

    abt the pics… i gave up ya.. dunno why they're so small the first one came out fine…

  7. When i was a kid, always fought with mom to get one pet dog for me.

    And the only answer i hear back everytime i – “We already have a pet dog in home. And can't bear with another.” πŸ˜›


  8. Must be real fun with two dogs!

    I've been wanting to a have a Golden retriever for looong time.

    But hate to leave it alone while im working…may be will get one when we retire.

  9. πŸ™‚

    Nice post Jyothi..

    First its men that i dont understand and then the second thing… dogs….

    I unpredictable… they do what they not supposed to do and dont do what they supposed to do…

    My best friends dog is like a rug.. u can step over him, shove him, pull his ear.. shit..we even got him drunk one and put a lit cigarette in his mouth.. absolutely no reaction!!!!!!! Shit.. he such a friendly soul.. he d even welcome the theives.. and show them around the house. LOL…

  10. yea ruks, its fun with the dogs ….get that dog babe, don't wait till ur retirement!

    Thanks wookie :)yea, they'r both unpredictable! btw u did read my prev post right? esp the last one liner… πŸ˜›

    ur best friends dog – omg!! lol!!

  11. Had to give em away. Society rules dint allow me to let them stay with me. Bt now the law allows. So now Im looking out for a kool pup to welcome in the family.

    And Sexy……well…..whack whack whack is still 3. We r still talking bout TWO. HAhahha….Shucks.

    How were u in maths in school, really??

  12. hey anand…that's so sad ya, that u had to give them away! which breed r u looking for now?

    lets just wait till sakshi is back frm her vacation … lol

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