Blast from the past

Flashback 10-15 years

Summer hols were always associated with load shedding. 8 – 10 hrs, sometimes even more and all unscheduled at granny’s place in a remote village in UP. We’d be surprised if we had any power supply at all. Inverters did’nt exist. Generators reserved for the night and afternoon siestas. The situation hasn’t changed much now.

Cut to the present at home, Mysore.

Supposed Rainy season. No Rains, No hydro power … unscheduled load shedding up to 8 hours, inverters crash…long forgotten gas lamps have been unearthed, generator sales; irrespective of the fuel prices have increased. KRS is dry…. bloody heart breaking, when you have had too many fun picnics there… its depressing to visit it now. Only tourists go there now, locals don’t even visit that place any more.

If it wasn’t for the weather, there would be no difference between the present and the past.


21 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. All these years I never knew about load shedding. I have lived in B'bay most of my life, and we hardly ever had power cuts. Now that my bro is in Pune, I know how bad the situation really is. I hope things improve soon.

  2. yeah the situation is still grim in UP where my parents stay..with inverter dying after some time and unbearable heat ..what's worse it doesn't look like things will get better only worse!!

  3. Haha…That's India for u. If everything was alright, this wud turn into America (not that umreeka's got everything nice).

    So thanx tour kool politicians, they let us hv an opportunity to be connected forever with our roots.

    If I cud, I wud send them flowers..munnabhai styley….fr this.

  4. I like the way you mentioned …Supposed Rainy Season…

    Very true… even if its a lil windy.. for get abt rains…

    Babes remind me Load shedding later..Something really funny…

  5. Thanks Sujatha! πŸ˜€

    Solio, you are so right about that!

    yea Monika, sad na…

    fingers crossed priyanka…

    true vandana, its still the same at my granny's too!

  6. Oh Iya, if I could, I'd be there in a jiffy!

    yea ruks, me too…

    Anand, that will be the horrors, if India turned in to umreeka!! and much better ways to be connected with our roots ya… πŸ™‚

    SGD: Wow!! Thanks a bunch! be right over πŸ™‚

    Wookie: yea babes…

  7. sniff..sniff…am telling on ur blog that I like andy…sniff..sniff all for saying India would become umreeka..he is indicating that in such a case u will have to deal with me too..he calls me umreekan no?? sniff…

    and in this part of umreeka where I live its raining for the past 2 weeks non stop and they say its Supposed Summer husband blames me for the rain though…says I bring kerala along everywhere I go..

  8. oh sakshi don't cry!!! I'll happily deal with u … both of us can vent together… πŸ™‚

    after 2 weeks of rain, its sunny here again today… hot hot summer… bring me rains like kerala here and then we'd have no load shedding at all..

  9. You knw what…rains rains and lots of rains is what my hear is craving for.The place where I'm based its scorching here!
    At least you have a nice weather there,but here??…grrrrr !

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