How far would you go to make money?

Would you put up your child on hire? To have total strangers look after your child in their environment and you get paid for it.

A baby, a toddler, a growing child right from infancy, needs and feels secure with a said routine, a familiar place with familiar people, technically the family. Not strangers, not a strange place, irrespective of the fact that it is the parents who have introduced them to the kid or that the parents are always there in the background. It is the parents job to be a parent and not let some celebrity part of some show become parents for few days.

Imagine the emotional and psychological turmoil in the kid in such surroundings. I’m really shocked that such a show actually took off. And that there is so NGO opposing it. What is our health govt doing? Where is the so called moral police? Nobody finds this offensive?

All I can think of is the babies. They sure as hell look cute, all babies do. But their crying is not because of food or sleep its primarily cause they’re insecure. Heck even as new parents, one does not know what a child is going through, why and what is it that is making them cry. how can it not break their parents heart. Is it cause they can’t talk?

In case you are wondering what I’m talking about; just saw the promos of a new reality show on NDTV Imagine, Pati Patni Aur Woh. The show is about taking the relationship to the next level, to test if the celebrity couples are ready to take on the biggest challenge of their lives – Becoming Parents.


40 thoughts on “How far would you go to make money?

  1. You know the first thing that stuck me when I heard about this show was who are the real parents of these babies and why would they do this to their babies? I am clueless here … monetary benefits does not seem a compelling enough reason for me at least.

  2. from the minute i have heard abt this show, I am raging in anger… what kind of parents are those…

    but then N reminded me of the babies in the ads, TV, movies… they are all given right…. this is worst though…

    I dont think money is the only thing they look for, but it'll be good to know what are the family background of some of these kids… R they from really poor families, if not then probably its the fame that has attracted the parents… the fact that they can claim that they infant is in coming in so and so show


  3. Me too Monika…. every time I see the promos, all I think is how the kids are going to be affected. yup this is the worst, the tv shows the modeling is only for a couple of hrs but here, they are like handed over to a new set of parents.

    Fame? really? I dunno, and I'd like to know from the parents. And if looks are anything to go by, the parents I have seen in the promos don't look poor.

  4. It took me egjactly 13 minutes to find your post comment button 😦 You have changed the whole look of your place while I was away? sob s!!

    I had read abt this show in another blog and seriously it's sick!! They give the kids to celebrity couples to know if these guys can handle the responsibility?? bahh what will they do next? send over their hubby and wife to the celebrities to see if they can handle the bed responsibilities before marriage? So now Indian national TV is no more about Chitrahaar, Rangoli and Karamchand??

    I don't know if I will even see the damn trailer of this show as after reading everywhere abt Rakhi ka swayamar I ventured out to watch a few episodes and am suffering from immense shyness and bharathiya nari syndrome since then πŸ™‚

  5. sakshi, I haven changed anything …since I changed my template…and i have had posts after that u have commented. Is this ur way of saying that I should post more often? eh? πŸ˜›

    u knw i was wondering the same thing, what will they think of next?

    U and immense shyness and bharathiya nari syndrome since then ??? *thud*

  6. I protest vehemently against such shows…i wonder who sits and designs such programs?? thank god, he is not known else i would have beaten the shit out of him…

    like some one above has said, we will soon have shows to know how partners perform in bed

  7. To answer your first question, I go about 24 Kms Everyday to make money :o) And i think i can manage till about 30 Kms.. πŸ˜›

    And coming to the crap show you ve writtena bout and TV in general, the lesser said the better.

    I just hope that the kiddo that is with Rakhi and whats-the-guys-name .. Pees and craps about 50 times a day on Rakhi and him ! The Kid will take our revenge :o)and make her shut up !!!!

  8. Hey Jo….

    That is so sad..the extent to which ppl can go for money!!!!

    Baby's recognize their parents voice even before birth.. so no way will they be comfortable with a stranger…

    How stupid can their parents get.. are they out of their minds!!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I do not get you all? What about babies in commercials and movies and cards?
    If this is wrong is that not wrong as well?

  10. Raji, kids make the cutest and effective models…but this is not about modeling or children working… its about letting the kids stay with total strangers in a strange place = unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar people. Commercials and movies, the kids are with their parents, unlike this show, where total strangers are their “parents”.

    A baby who cannot see or talk properly identifies the parents through their smell and heartbeat. That is what makes a child secure. A secure child is a happy stress free child. Yes, babies also undergo stress. All this show is doing is raising the stress levels of the kids, making them insecure, while in reality all they should be doing is sleeping and eating and crying thanks to stomach pain and not cause they are missing their mother.

  11. Raji, it could be 24/7, but they are kept away most of the time… though the parents are monitoring how they are being looked after… its still maddening.

    yea i read the article in the paper… remains to be seen how it helps.

  12. Hieeeeeeee

    Finally remembered to find your blog thru Apar's and come say hellow!! πŸ˜€

    I hate such reality shows, infact not seen a single one till date.. yayyy

  13. What kind of parents do we have in this country? Some kill their little girls, some get their children arrested for marrying someone they disapprove of, some literally sell them to TV shows…

  14. i just hate the whole funda of this show..i heard somewhere that it will be taken off..but it has not been taken off yet.people can stoop so low to make money, i could never imagine

  15. tell me about it!

    we just keep sinking deeper into this relaity TV mess with every new show. and not even one is original. we have to copy and copy BS! gah!



  16. sm says:

    I do not watch this show.
    I do not support this show, but i support there freedom.Its there freedom let them do it, and if we do not like we should not watch the show.

  17. Completely agree, the whole concept of the show is “out of blue”.
    Bad for the kids, and i dont know which parent in their right mind, think its cool for their kids to be screened on national TV by inexperienced people.
    I think the show gets the “shock” factor its looking for. But thats it.
    Luckily for me, i have not seen it yet… else you'd se eme cussing all the way through!

  18. hey GNSD, Welcome to my space. Funny, as parents we would want what is best for the child and not the other way around… the show has almost reached its end, i sure hope the media interview some of the parents.

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