Skewed Justice

Maria Susairaj walks free. Jerome gets 10 years.

Deeply saddened and disgusted by this news. So all one has to do is confess and you are let off with a 3 year sentence. Pardoned cause you have already served your time waiting for the sentence to be delivered. And then you become the toast of the town. Reality shows will want you. Producers and directors want you. Magazines will want you. And who knows you may even pen your memoirs and definitely mint money. And yes, it of course pays to be an ambitious hard nut. I’m not saying all ambitious women are like her. Definitely not generalizing.

But his one woman is singlehandedly responsible for Neeraj Grover’s death. She played her fiancé – Jerome, she played Neeraj and who knows how many others. They sure as hell are not gonna come out and say anything ever. I look at her and see a cold calculating mind. One who know what she wants and will not stop to get it.

The worst she does not seem apologetic or remorseful about the thing at all. And not scared too. How does one get to be that way?

One will argue that we have criminals and murders as politicians. But then is this not a mockery of justice and the law? Where does this leave us? Tomorrow anybody can use the drunk, upset or no intent to crime and get away with it.

Neeraj Grover was butchered. His murder was probably not planned and was killed in a jealous fit. But butchering his body and then burning it? that was COLD. How can the court discount that? And the prosecution?! What is with them? Why could they not build a strong case to convict them? Did money change hands?

This verdict is disturbing. And has me very worried about Justice. And so sorry for the Grover family. More so, cause they will most definitely see her in the news living her life to the hilt.

And all of us, Pray hard, real hard that we don’t ever become a victim. Ever. And know a good lawyer. A real hard nut, who will not be swayed by money.

Pray that the Grover family finds some solace. Neeraj Grover, RIP.


4 thoughts on “Skewed Justice

  1. Sad state of our justice , setting asides the motive part, she should have been hanged just to cut the body pieces into fractions, And yet she is out roaming free saying world it was not her,

    One of the horrific things to happen to parents are losing their kids at there lifetime, and losing this way I am sure they have to brave enough to stand up to it :|.

    May the departed rest in peace

  2. Skewed justice indeed!
    And you know I will not be surprised if tomorrow big boss announces its next season and I find this Maria appearing as one of the inmates, telling the whole world how ‘wronged’ she has been as a woman or how unfair life has been to her, bla bla.

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