We women, are doomed.

Light drizzle late evening after torrential rains. Mad traffic, traffic signals free for all. I’m not sure how it is in other cities but in my town, it’s madness and not to mention dangerous. 

I’m running late and can’t drive fast, traffic and rains don’t allow me to. I reach this junction, cross this huge speed bump, an auto has slowed to let me pass and bam, comes this guy on a luna riding at full speed from behind the auto and rams into my car. His head just below the front wheel. Heart in the mouth moment for me. Thankfully he stand up, picks his vehicle and goes away apologising profusely and looking scared. but not before I gave him my two cents. and I’m thinking why was he driving like that? Did he not see that the auto was not moving, was waiting for me to pass. and what made him think he could just go like that at a crossing?! I had so many things I wanted to ask him, but the fact that he was alive was a huge relief. Last thing I wanted was a guy dying under my car. 

You know what’s worse? the auto had 2 women in it, who wasted no time in screaming at the top of their lungs that it was my fault cause it was a woman driving. A man on a scooter behind the auto, who just arrived, blaming me. Another vehicle which just arrived, again blamed me. Why did they blame me? cause the women kept screaming,” we saw the whole thing, it’s her fault!”. All the while the guy who fell, kept apologising to me. I know we both were relieved that he was alive and he just a little bit more cause I didn’t ask for his number or take down his vehicle number. 

I really wanted to get down and ask those women, wtf made them think it was my fault. But with Imp strapped on, phone rings reminding me how late I was getting and dressed in all finery; fighting in the middle of the road in the rain didn’t seem appealing. 

What is it with the men and women, generally blaming the woman for things gone wrong? none of them even bothered to find out who was wrong. It was assumed to be me cause I was a woman driving a car? Faced this so many times. Rude, annoyed looks, being chased and cursed cause I overtook or gave back a glare I received for no fault of mine. And I have seen men driving worse, breaking traffic rules and what not. But nothing for them. Just cause it’s a man?!

Why am I so bothered by this? It’s quite common to blame the bigger vehicle in any accident. I can’t get it out of my mind… the attitude of those women. So easily and confidently they blamed me. Was it so necessary to blame? All they had to do was use their head. The auto driver didn’t say a word, was just a mute spectator. 

My car? Seriously dented, minor scratches from his vehicle but the guy hit the side bumper so hard, it looked painful. His shoulder must be really hurting. My driver looks at it and goes – kuch nahi, hathoda ya haath se maaro peeche se, theek hojaata, seedha hojaata. yeh aaj kal ki gadiya plastic ki banti hain. Apna ambassador hota toh uski gaadich nahi bachti. bro completes – yeh andar hoti aur woh uppar and both have a nice laugh. 

Yes, from being yelled at by total strangers to being made fun off…sigh!

Jokes apart, don’t you think we women are doomed? 


5 thoughts on “We women, are doomed.

  1. Yes you are doomed, especially if you continue engaging in self-pity like that. You live in a patriarchal society and things like that hardly ever change. The best thing for you to do is to ignore it all and move on.

    • Why shouldn’t Imp’s Mom write about somthing that was upsetting to her on her own blog? Where do you get off telling people what they may or may not get upset about?
      Its not so easy to ignore daily reminders of rampant sexism and discrimination. After some time, it gets to you and you can no longer “ignore it all and move on”.

      I’m amazed at how arrogantly you dismissed her harrowing experience with a “it happens, get over it”. Being a man, you probably thought that it was ok to trivialise a woman’s experience and tell her to stop fussing. Well done!

  2. Totally Imp’s Mom ! We women have very broad shoulders because we’re expected to bear the weight of the world’s problems on them. Everything is our fault. Scapegoats of the world – unite! Best thing to do is to ignore them.
    But where are you? Waiting for more blog posts from you – it’s been a while.

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