I lost my mumma.

Kiddo’s class teacher has started a new reading home work everyday. The kids get a book to read and the parents have to sign a daily reading log complete with title of the book, author and the time spent reading. They then talk about the book in class the next day.

Yesterday’s book was “My Mum is Lost” about a little girl who loves visiting the supermarket with her mum and gets lost there cause she is fascinated by the store and its options.

This book hit the nail on its head and made me realise kiddo had been having dreams of getting lost and not being found.

There is this store in Bangalore which I have visited with kiddo 3 times at diff ages. The first time she was barely 4 months and I had a maid with me who preferred to sit outside and ended up drawing a crowd, all who wanted to glimpse and play with a baby.

Few years down the line, we are all grown up know what we want and LOVE shopping, its the best untiring activity ever. Mum and I get busy in the ladies section and the kids section is on one of the higher floors, needless to say she is impatient to get there. Dad decides to take her there. I’m headed to the trial room and something just makes me stop n think of her…I take out my phone to call dad and he’s asking me where she is? My heart just stopped. Then he tells me how he had to go to the rest room and looking for it and getting back took some time. He had asked her to stay put where she is and told her he would be back in 5. Why he did not call me and tell me to get her, I don’t know, I did not ask. I really did not want to blame him, I knew she knows my number and was hoping one of the many store assistants would have found her. Expecting an announcement over the PA sys, I head towards the CS desk. I receive a call from an unrecognized number, turns out it is the CS desk calling me. I reach there and there she is with this huge hooola hoop around her, just waiting to burst into tears at my sight.  And boy does she cry, buckets. All women staff on duty that day remorseful that they did not have any chocolates around. Now my mum is blissfully shopping, she has no idea all this is going on. On the other hand my bro who is in a diff town knows. I get a call from mum wondering where I disappeared and why am I still not at billing. And for 10 min we’re all there waiting for her to stop crying. It was both hilarious, slightly scaring and reassuring at the same time!

2-3 weeks back, we are in the same store again. This time there is a sale and its like a fish market in there. For some strange reason while walking in I tell her; don’t cry if u get lost, you just have to find an adult to call me. It is so hard to keep her in one place in a store. She just wants to go to the kids section again, I keep her next to me, annoying me to the max. We get there, finish her shopping, she’s satisfied and I get back to mine. Till she discovers she hasn’t see the toy section, which is right behind where I am. Next to the toy section, the billing where dad is in queue. She runs out there. I am right there, moving in-between rows and suddenly mum comes to me and says I can”t see her. I go check, ask around. The attenders are useless today. Can’t blame them too, there is just too much crowd. This time I’m scared. Even though I know its a closed store, what if someone has just snatched her. Take out my mobile and there’s a missed call. how I even missed it, I don’t know!! I call and it’s this other shopper who found her. I go to get her and realise they found her at the other end of the store, at the front while we were all at the back. She just kept walking and looking for me and they found her crying. I got such dagger looks from her mum, she is like “you didn’t know where your daughter was, what kind of mother are you?! How could you not know where she is?!” How do I explain to her? Apparently mine was the second kiddo they rescued that day. I just thanked her and took kiddo. Yeah, she was bawling away and didn’t stop for a long time. For the first time, she was hungry, she’s a true blue fashionista who forgets everything while shopping.

She seemed back to her normal self, joking about how she got lost, it became an adventure to her. Till she got this book. Into the second page and she’s realises it’s drawing a parallel to her life. Happily she’s talking about how she lost her mumma in the store too. And today morning she wakes up thrashing and punching my arm. She says she was fighting those who were trying to kidnap her.



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